Thursday, December 16, 2010

"...continuously entertaining and intellectually stimulating...
....the situation explodes into a comedy of errors...
...The novel rollicks along with these inimitable characters and the manner in which the means to the end come about is absolutely hilarious." 
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Stella, a determined British lesbian in a procreative frenzy and her partner, Violet, find themselves in a remote Swedish forest cabin face-to-face with British Dennis, Stella's fantasy ideal of a rosy-cheeked, "Viking" sperm donor. This 'ideal' donor, Dennis, wants nothing to do with artificial insemination, not even of any kind, not even for ready money, although it is okay with his Afro-Swedish partner, Lars, and Dennis's mother in London is desperate for a grandchild.

Violet, keeper of Stella's '"fertile windows" schedule, is equally determined to sabotage Stella's insemination by Dennis and force a return to their original plan, using an Earls Court sperm bank.

This comic whirlpool of Stella's on again, off again, reproductive "anomalies"; her unnerving pressure on Dennis and Violet; two farcical bedroom debacles; a "Portia" speech; a "Shylock" speech; a thunderstorm;  a wisecracking houseguest, lovesick-for-Brad, Pierre; and a plaintive "Stell-aaaa!", from "Streetcar" combine to turn this already upside-down battle of the sexes inside out as it proceeds -- with a  nod to Oscar Wilde et al. -- to the surprising happy ending. A comedy of errors in an enchanted forest in the best Seventeenth or Eighteenth-century tradition, where people  come together, bearing with them their various preoccupations, and arrive at some kind of resolution before parting once more.

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